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Top tourist attractions in Thailand that you just can’t skip!

When we talk about Thailand, we think of beaches, breathtaking views, and plenty of other tourist attractions. This land of smiles magnetizes visitors from different corners of the world because they are guaranteed to have the best vacation in the country. The destination oozes out a concoction of flavors like enticing floating markets, exotic beaches, full moon parties, history, culture, and much more. 

Wild yet lavish, the country has so much to offer to vacationers. This tropical island can be visited throughout the year to capture its beauty. Though November to April is considered the best month to explore the country, but it watches a huge flock of people throughout the year. It is a party and the adventure capital in Asia with its innumerable tourist attractions. Plan a trip to Thailand now, and live the island life that you have always imagined. Let’s proceed further to check out the list of the best tourist attractions. 

Best tourist places in Thailand

Dotted with numerous attractions, finding the best places is quite a big deal. We have cherry-picked the best places and prepared a list for your help. Go through this list, and see what awaits you on the gorgeous island. First of all, ensure to choose American Airlines reservations for your trip. If luxury is your preference, then this airline is an ideal choice for you. Go ahead and book tickets now to fly smoothly. Have a look at the list of best attractions in Thailand. 

  • Floating Markets

Floating Markets are one of the unique tourist attractions on the island, and you can’t afford to miss them on your trip to the land of smiles. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the most popular one because of its existence. It is the only market in the country, which is 100 years old. Some other popular markets are Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market, Tha Kha Floating Market, and Taling Chan Floating Market. Ensure to add at least one of the floating markets to your bucket list. 

  • Koh Tao

Koh Tao is the smallest island in the country and is one of the best places to explore on your next trip. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, then visit this destination without even thinking twice. The shore of the island is inhabited by turtles. The laid-back nature of Koh Tao is very popular and attracts countless tourists. There are diving sites off the shores, and you can really dance with sharks. Also known as Turtle Island, it is a great place for scuba diving as well. If you don’t want to indulge in water sports, then you can opt for trekking. 

  • Mae Hong Son

Do you have an adventurous soul who loves to pump up the adrenaline rush? Yes, this is an ideal place for you. Those who love racing and bike riding must make a visit to this place. You must have tried the rides on the plane roads, but Mae Hong Son offers the real adventure. It is highly advised to visit this place only if you have a bold heart. The curves and loops are very risky and dangerous. There are numerous insane activities that you can try here. Apart from these adventurous sports, you can even go to the temple and a beautiful pond at this place. 

  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is the shining star in the nightlife of Thailand. The market is spread across various city blocks, including temple grounds, inside buildings, and footpaths. You can purchase many things from this night market like clothes, arts, souvenirs, and handicrafts. In addition to the shopping, the other thing that you must not miss out on is the delectable food. For food lovers, it is a perfect place. Try out continental and Thai food to satisfy your taste buds. 

  • Lopburi

Are you a history buff? Those who have a keen interest in culture and history must explore this place on their trip. However, Thailand is more of a party destination, but its tradition and history are also appealing. There are many places in the country where you can get a close glimpse of the history and tradition. Lopburi is one of the oldest cities on the island and is perfect for exploring the history of Thailand. 

These places in Thailand promise to greet you with myriad experiences. Plan your trip to Thailand now with Southwest Airlines reservations. The airline offers the lowest fares so travelers can fly without ruining their bank balance. 

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